1. Q: Then how should I maintain it ?

A: thanks for your this question. Please go to the official website link, there are the details. or you can read the related information in the instruction booklet.

  1. Q: Can I believe the quality of the product?

A: Our products here are real with good qualtiy and 100% original package. our products are hightly praised by our customers! You can trust us and our product without doubtly.

3.why does the received goods are not the same to product picture?

A: I am sorry for this little difference . the one you received is as the same as we put on website . because the angle we take the pictures . there may be a little light cause the difference . but that actually is the item as you ordered. Thanks Yours sincererly.

  1. why does the price of the product is so cheap?

A: For we get our products direct from the factory and do not need to pay tax fees home and abroad, and we can sell them in a more competitive price.So price here shown to you are based at the reason above. Please
have a chcek later.We are looking forward to your order from our website.

5.Q: If the goods has sent out, may I change the order form?

A : sorry, the problem is we have sent your item out . it is on the way to your address now . you will receive it some days later.so that we can not change any information that you like to alter . I am sorry about that.

  1. Q: Can I have a wholesale?

A: We are glad to hear from you.yes,we have the products you want in stock according to the quantity and terms of payment.please give us more details.looking forward to hear from you.