Women share moment they were shamed by ‘Karen’ for wearing beachwear to restaurant


Women say they were ashamed of their outfits at a restaurant in Miami (TikTok / @mostlycolorsandglitter)

Two women have called out a middle-aged woman after she shamed them into wearing bathing suits and blankets in a restaurant while on vacation.

In a video posted earlier this month, one of the women, who goes by the username @mostlycolorsandglitters, shared a clip of the interaction that took place at a restaurant in Miami, Florida.

In the clip, which includes profanity, a middle-aged couple can be seen sitting at a table behind the women before the older woman turns around and says to the couple, “I’m so sorry for you. I’m really, really sorry that you have to show up like that.

The comment prompted one of the women to ask the woman why she was ‘turning around and staring’, before adding: ‘Clearly we look good if you turn around and stare at us and make rude comments. »

The two friends then shared the story behind the clip, with TikTokers explaining that the incident happened in the downstairs restaurant of their hotel.

“This is what we’re wearing, this is the vibe, we were just back from the beach,” one of the women then explained as the pair showed off the outfits they wore to dinner, which consisted into swimsuit tops and blankets.

After repeating that it was Miami and that they were downstairs from their hotel, the friends explained that they were having drinks when a club promoter came to share a drink with them in an oversized martini glass. According to one of the women, to accommodate the promoter, she had to move her chair slightly in the aisle of the restaurant.

However, she noted that the slight adjustment made the middle-aged couple seated behind them start to stare, as she remembered the man who was seated with the middle-aged woman looking at her as if she was “crazy”.

“I’m sorry you had to see my swimsuit for two seconds,” one TikToker continued sarcastically. “I try to move my seat. »

She said she then moved her seat to her seat, prompting her friend to encourage her not to let the man sitting at the table behind them intimidate her. According to the friends, at this point the man’s wife began to turn completely in her chair to watch them.

“Long story short, this lady turns around and gives us this face and I’m like, ‘Hey, if you want to take a picture, it’ll last longer,'” one of the women recalled, adding that the woman, that they identified as a “Karen”, then took out his phone to take a picture of them.

According to the friends, that’s when the woman made the comment about their clothing choices, to which they said they replied, “I’m so sorry you feel the need to comment on other people’s appearances when you literally just went out to dinner with your husband.

The couple said they then decided to continue minding their own business, adding that they had no intention of letting “this middle-aged couple ruin our fucking trip when we are literally bad female dogs living our best life”.

“They get up and leave the f**king restaurant,” the friends continued.

The women captioned the clip: “F**k this Karen and she shame us for our beach clothes, it’s really a sign when someone is miserable with themselves.”

The video, which has since been viewed more than 159,000 times, drew supportive comments from the majority of viewers, with many assuring the women that their outfits were appropriate and that they shouldn’t have been ashamed of what they were wearing.

“This is literally Miami culture. Karens need to be banned from all party areas immediately,” one person commented.

Another said: “Girls go to dinner like this in New York. No need for a beach. Why does anyone mind what a person wears? I do not understand.

Someone else acknowledged that the restaurant allegedly told women if their clothes violated the dress code, adding: “If the restaurant didn’t have a dress code and they allowed you to sit down/order, NO ONE shouldn’t tell you anything.”

The Independent contacted @mostlycolorsandglitters for comment.


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