Vintage Swimwear: 9 Vintage Bikinis and Bathing Suits


Getting your period just when you define Out Of Office at work is one of life’s most annoying experiences. It’s like Mother Nature knows you’re planning on relaxing and thinks she better step in. “Coming on” is the quickest way to ruin any water-based fun on your vacation, especially if dabs aren’t your bag.

It’s easy to throw in the beach towel and put off your activities until you’ve finished your period, but if you’ve been lucky enough to experience the revolutionary design of the menstrual pants, you’ll be glad to know that magic doesn’t happen. does not work. it stops there. Vintage swimwear is one thing, and it’s about to change your life.

15 Best Menstrual Pants for Lasting Period and Zero Waste (And Why They’re My Favorite Monthly Sanitary Product)

How do menstrual swimwear work?

Period swimwear works exactly the same way as period underwear: the super absorbent liner eliminates the need for tampons, pads or cups in and around water. Imagine being able to swim without having to worry about surprise leaks or visible Tampax strings. Happiness.

Most of the styles you’ll come across are designed for light to moderate flow, so it’s best to use them at the start or end of your cycle (unless you’re lucky and don’t tend at all to bleed profusely). The good news is that there are many different options, including swimwear and bikinis and bikini pantiesaccording to your preferences.

Menstrual swimsuits are not only durable in that you can reuse them over and over again, but they are also easy to wash. just treat it like your period panties and rinse it off before putting it on a dark wash and letting it air dry.

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