Todd Snyder’s Debut Swimwear Collection Is Coming For Your Swimsuits



Close your eyes. Imagine a swimming pool – perhaps a rectangular pool surrounded by amazing trees and flanked by a fully stocked cocktail bar. Feel the heat of an 85º day. Not bad is not it ?

That’s what Todd Snyder evokes with his very first swimwear collection, which he calls “Montauk”. It was uploaded today because, well, despite the sub-freezing temperatures that some parts of the country are still facing, the hot weather East on my way.

And it is better to be prepared. A mad scramble to find a pair the day before the pools open – which is usually Memorial Day, by the way – won’t yield the best chest. I’ll use umbrellas as an analogy: you don’t want to buy your umbrella after it’s already started to take over. You need to do your research by setting a budget, comparing brands and making a short list of what you want these shorts to do (worn in and out of the water? like traditional shorts around your beach town?) .

While Todd Snyder would fall into the category of newcomer, especially compared to oldies like Birdwell, the first designer collection is no blindfolded dartboard.

“The decision to switch to our own swimwear was easy after seeing the incredible demand at our East Hampton store and with swim collaborations with other brands over the years,” Snyder said, making reference to a recent collection with Birdwell. “Quality and fit are always essential and, more importantly, they must meet customer needs.”

The resulting Montauk swim shorts are made from a blend of nylon and spandex; have a 5 inch inseam; are finished with fine mesh linings; and stay in place with the combination elastic and drawcord at the waist. Choose a solid, solid color like black – or a print that Snyder calls psychedelic.


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color: Corn

Montauk 5″ swim shorts

Color: Pitch Black

Montauk 5″ swim shorts

Montauk 5″ Swim Shorts in Light Blue Diving Team

Color: Classic Navy

Montauk 5″ swim shorts

Psychedelic Print Montauk 5″ Swim Shorts

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