TikTok Compares Kim Kardashian’s Swimsuits to Kylie Jenner’s, Finds Difference in Size, Inclusiveness and Quality


Kim is being praised for her “inclusive” and high-quality swimwear range months after the loose seams, lack of sufficient coverage and “unrealistic” fit of Kylie’s clothes left tons of fans disappointed.

Last September, Kylie Jenner announcement the launch of her swimwear line, Kylie Swim – and she quickly faced a lot of criticism from disappointed customers.

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If you needed a refresher, Kylie – who also owns a baby formula brand, makeup line and skincare line – got a call from fans after her swimwear collection left the buyers”disappointed.”

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Not only was Twitter flooded with people calling the articles “horrible” and “cheapbut several TikTok users have shared videos taking an in-depth look at Kylie Swim products.

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A user has won over 60 million views collectively between her series of videos showcasing the swimsuits, each highlighting the lack of coverage, thin material and loose seams.

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Another user, who was swimsuit designate herself, pointed out that the articles were transparent, which defeats their purpose. “I’m completely and utterly disappointed that these are completely transparent,” she said. “I saw behind the scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear and the fact that no one understood that it was completely transparent blew me away.”

In light of the scathing reviews Kylie received, fans were quite skeptical when her sister Kim Kardashian announcement the launch of her own swimwear collection last month.

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The swimwear line, part of her Skims clothing company, includes a wide range of items from smaller bikinis to more full-coverage pieces.

With several fans eager to see what Kim’s new collection had in store, a TikTok user named Hope (@hopescope) answered everyone’s burning questions when she uploaded a side by side comparison of articles from Skims and Kylie Swim in a now viral video.

“We all know what a disaster Kylie Swim was a few months ago,” Hope begins. “So I bought a bunch of Skims swimsuits that just came out to see how it compares.”

One of the things Hope says she noticed “right off the bat” was the size difference, noting that Skims bikini bottoms offer a lot more coverage than Kylie Swim’s.

Kylie was called out by fans for the “unrealistic” adjustment of its swimwear products, with several TikTok users explaining that they could not wear them on camera due to the lack of sufficient coverage. One shopper claimed the pieces only covered 1.5 inches in the crotch area, leading many to speculate that the garments had apparently been tailored to a particular body type.

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“Kylie designed them for HER body. Not the average woman,” one person wrote on Reddit. “There’s no way I or anyone I know can fit into these without something slipping out. I really don’t understand why she would post them given how limited bodies could fit into them.

But showing how Kim’s range differs, TikToker Hope placed a pair of Kylie Swim bikini bottoms directly over a pair of Skims, saying, “The periwinkle is Skims and the orange is Kylie, and Skims gives us coverage. .”

Hope goes on to point out that the quality of the Skims line seems much higher, noting the significant lack of loose threads and tears that some of Kylie’s garments had.

“The difference in quality on things like the straps, the stitching – even the labels,” she says, showing clear examples of each of the pieces.

Hope concludes, “Here’s what $100 swimsuits should look like.”

Since going live a few weeks ago, Hope’s TikTok has received 4.6 million views and tons of comments highlighting the noticeable difference between Skims and Kylie Swim.

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“Kim has always put quality into his product,” read one comment with more than 44,000 likes.

“Skims look so good,” wrote one user. “Kim actually [sells] good quality clothes so money [is worth it]“added another.


Looking at both the skimmed and Kylie Swim websites, it’s clear that Kim’s collection appeals to a wider range of consumers. With non-traditional swimwear pieces, including long sleeves, shorts and one-pieces without cutouts, Skims offers several styles not available on Kylie Swim – which instead focuses on bikinis smaller ones and cut pieces.

Additionally, Skims offers swimwear in sizes XXS to 4X, while Kylie Swim offers a smaller range, XS to XL. The Kylie Swim website also states, “Styles are designed to provide micro coverage. If in doubt, go up a size,” although the largest size is an XL, which might make this difficult for some shoppers.

As a result, several Twitter users praised Kim for reaching out to a wider range of people, calling the clothes “super inclusive.”

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“I just took a look at the @skims Swim collection and y’all gotta give it to Kim,” one user tweeted. “super inclusive.”

Just had a look at the @skims swim collection and y’all gotta give it to Kim 👏🏾 super inclusive

Twitter: @PrettyGalSteph

“Wow this new Skims swim line is so inclusive I’ll give it that,” wrote another.

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