The best swimsuits to wear for your bachelorette party


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It’s common knowledge that before you can say “yes,” you have to party with your crew. Bachelorette parties are back in full swing, and it’s ultimately it’s your turn to celebrate your love and go with your best friends for a killer weekend before the big day. Whether you live somewhere hot or jet-set to a poolside destination, bridal swimwear is practically an entire subgenre of bridal looks, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

You don’t want to ride to the pool or the beach or, if you’re really lucky, a boat in just any old bathing suit when you celebrate your bachelorette party. You want a costume that will scream “now it is the bride” (but not in a sticky way, of course). Tulle shoulder accents, romantic jacquard fabrics and a tasteful “bridal” costume will let everyone know who you are. And if you don’t like white for your look, fear not, we’ve also rounded up some “something blue” options, just in case.

Lay back, relax with a frozen marg and enjoy the weekend you in one of these upscale hen party swimwear options.

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