Swimwear designer Beeston goes global with her creative collections


A Nottingham-based swimwear brand has been recognized for its sustainability by fashion magazine Drapers and described as ‘one to watch’. Isabelle Alexander chose to set up her business, In Capri, in Beeston where she designs her sustainable range.

Isabelle studied at Nottingham Trent University before deciding to stay in the city to start the business in 2020. Her collections were subsequently sold internationally in boutiques as well as online. She also became a finalist for Sustainable Business of the Year with the Business Champion Awards.

“We were finalists for Sustainable Business of the Year, which was an amazing experience. I applied and then had to interview with an awards ceremony at the end. It turned out held in London and was a surreal event as so many other great companies were there.A few weeks ago we were voted by Drapers as “someone to watch which is amazing”.

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Isabelle went straight into buying fashion for a high street retailer after graduation. She decided to focus on sustainability because she was very passionate about it, but it was her mother who suggested swimwear.

“My mum is a swimwear technologist so she suggested I get into swimwear. She takes care of the technical knowledge while I have the brand and design side. work together,” she said.

In Capri swimwear is sold internationally but designed in Beeston

In Capri focuses on sustainable swimwear including sarongs, swimsuits and bikinis. Isabella says people underestimate the technical knowledge needed to produce high quality swimwear.

She said: “It may look like a simple bikini, but the smaller the item, the less likely there are places to hide and there is no room for error. You make a piece for someone more vulnerable with their body exposed.We take a huge amount of time to design and make sure the fit is right.

“We can honestly say that we make women feel amazing in their swimwear and beachwear, which is evident from our customer reviews.” When it comes to the company’s element of durability, the range is constructed from unusual materials. Isabelle said their company sheds light on areas that other brands don’t normally go into detail about. A truth that resonated with its customers.

“The fabric is made with yarn made from fishing nets that are salvaged from the ocean and post-industrial plastics make up the nylon for swimwear. In terms of the manufacturing process, we recycle all of our fabric scraps so that they are turned into things like insulation to prevent landfills.”

She added: “We also had Black Friday where we changed it to Green Friday and had sample sales with pieces that would normally sit in a box for the rest of their lives. We gave customers a chance to buy them and they loved the concept. We also plant trees every month to cover our carbon footprint within the company to go beyond the product.”

Although In Capri is sold worldwide and online, Isabelle wouldn’t rule out a high street debut in Nottingham. “I think it’s definitely something to consider, but it’s about finding the right place and the right time to do it.”


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