SwimOutlet rebrands for Sporti swimwear with a series of new collaborations


Jocka SwimOutlet brand, is among the top-selling suits in the United States. At an affordable price, swimmers, swimming parents and lifeguards have been buying Sporti for years. This summer, SwimOutlet relaunched Sporti with unique new designs from their Artists Series.

The relaunch began on June 1 and included new messaging and aesthetic designs to reflect Sporti’s pillars of Community, Diversity, Accessibility, Accessibility, Sustainability and Fun.

“This will be Sporti’s first time venturing into the world of collaboration, so it was imperative that we find partners who shared our brand values,” said Sporti president Winnie So. “Each partner was involved in every step of the design process – from inspiration, to color choice, to silhouette selection, ensuring that the resulting collection conveyed the message they wanted to share with the world. .”

Sporti first launched the Stef Corgel x Sporti Collectionwith references to Corgel’s SoCal roots.

For Pride Month, Sporti has also launched a collection with bold and colorful artist Tyler Wallachpart of the profits being donated to the It’s better Project. Later collaborations will feature artists Mat Chavez, Damian Orellana and She is This. Olympians, including Emma Weyant, Shaine Casas, Alex Walch and Gretchen Walsh will also collaborate with Sporti. The relaunch will feature new collections through 2023, with a particular focus on collaborations with college athletes made possible by the recent NIL decision.

The second series, now discontinued, features aLiLscribble’s creations. The San Antonio-based artist, also known as Alannah Tillercreated three designs that play with pattern and texture: Spotted desert, summer heatand Divide. In each of the designs, she said she emphasizes her minimal line work, where people understand the overall design but “you can decide what you want out of it.”

“Your creativity is not limited to a canvas. I draw inspiration from everywhere; pop culture, online, people and objects in my everyday life,” said Tiller. “They stimulate a response. And through the use of bold images, colors, shapes, and sharp lines, my art amplifies these otherwise mundane objects into something unique and beautiful.

Each design reflects the artist’s Texas roots and combines organic shapes with natural colors and southern landscapes. Tiller’s work also reflects solidarity, strength and diversity. Additionally, Tiller said the entire collaboration is a collection of his work over the years, from his early experiments with minimal design to his current signature style.

It was also Tiller’s first time working with swimwear.

“It was such an exciting challenge and I definitely learned a lot from it,” said Tiller. “I’m used to working on flat surfaces but I like when I get an unconventional canvas. It lets you see your work and that object in a whole new way.

Tiller also said she hopes people pick up on the idea that they can add color and design to any space or medium, including swimming pools.

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A portion of the proceeds from each collaboration is donated to a different charity, and the charity for this collection is Reservoir resistant. Tankproof is a black-owned nonprofit that provides access to community, education, and other essentials for underserved communities. The non-profit organization also specializes in providing quality swimming instruction.

About Sporti by SwimOutlet

Sporti, SwimOutlet’s premium swimwear line, offers athlete-approved products in innovative designs, refined for an active lifestyle. Every Sporti product offers exceptional performance-driven collections for life’s greatest adventures. Water is Sporti’s playground – a place to embrace and champion diversity while elevating the stories of every lane in the pool.

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