Sarah Nicole Landry is done worrying about swimwear — and thinks you should be, too


Sarah Nicole Landry spoke to Yahoo Canada about overcoming summer swimsuit anxiety. (Image via Getty Images)

Sarah Nicole Landry knows how tough bikini season can be.

The model, writer, speaker and body confidence campaigner, also known as The Birds Papaya, used to miss her fair share of beach and pool days because of what she felt for his body. However, these days, the mother of four refuses to let her insecurities keep her from enjoying life.

Over the years, Landry has made great strides in his body confidence journey. The Guelph, Ont.-based content creator encourages her more than 2 million Instagram followers not to let what they think about their bodies keep them from fully participating in life.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you always feel your best, says Landry Yahoo Canada. It just means paying less attention to your body and focusing on more important things, like being at the beach with your loved ones.

“Sometimes you feel incredibly liberated and you just want to rock that bikini and other times I’m so thankful there are cover-ups because I feel too distracted by my body and I want to focus on what’s happening around me,” says Landry.

The 37-year-old recently collaborated with the Canadian lingerie brand Knix for its new inclusive swimwear collection. Landry says the brand’s commitment to putting style and comfort first is exactly what she’s been looking for as a consumer for years.

“A lot of times, I’m looking for something comfortable that makes me think less about my body,” she explains. “Something that just lets me show off and have that warm sun on my skin, but also lets me go play with my kids and live.”

But even with more inclusive products becoming available, Landry knows all too well the feeling of dreading swimwear shopping. Even today, with her self-confidence at an all-time high, she doesn’t always feel like trying on a million pieces just for very few to fit properly.

“The clothes were designed to fit our bodies, not the other way around,” she says. “We are not here to try to conform to something. And so when we buy with that mindset, like it’s not working for me and it’s not a problem for me, it’s just not the right solution, and kind of going from front, it makes the shopping experience a little easier on our hearts, bodies and minds.

According to Landry, changing perspective is one of the best ways to feel better about yourself. She says it’s important to remember that the thoughts and feelings leading up to the stressful event, whether it’s the shopping spree or the pool party, are usually far worse than the event itself.

The mother-of-four thinks we spend far too much time assuming what others think of us and judging our bodies.

Landry says that whenever she feels overwhelmed by these kinds of thoughts, it helps to wonder who you’re really showing up for.

“I’m here for me, I’m here for my children, I’m here for my husband, I’m here for my family,” she told herself.

Although she is able to put aside her bodily fears and tries to live in the moment, she regrets missing opportunities to make memories with her children when they were little.

“I just really want to remind everyone that we really only have one shot,” she says. “We sometimes live like we have so much time, and what I often do to myself is I imagine that if I do this for 80, where will my regrets go? Will my regrets will be showing up, or will my regrets be staying home?”

“When I think about the needs of me 80 years old, I know she wants me to go show up, no matter what I look like that day, no matter what experiences I was showing up for or who I was showing up with. was doing, she continues, “I know she would want me there.”

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