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When it comes to shopping for swimwear, you’re probably wading through one of two streams: those who love the process and those who find it unbearable. Thanks to pop culture, we’ve come a long way, with body-positive celebrities and social media campaigns like #NormalizeNormalBodies encouraging us to rock what our moms gave us.

In turn, we are seeing an influx of fashion brands offering inclusive sizing. When it comes to swimsuits, local businesses are adjusting their straps to make the process less daunting. Take Hackwith Design Housewho thinks your favorite piece of clothing may actually be a swimsuit.

HeartGlass, a new line, caters to almost any shape, with combo styles designed for comfort and movement, plus tummy control and comfortable compression, A-G cup sizes and UPF protection 50+ to block UVA and UVB rays. “When women try on swimsuits, they fall in love with them,” says Demi George, founder of HeartGlass and resident of Edina.

But we cannot mention the swimming category without paying tribute to the beauty of the beach ball, Jennifer Cermak, owner of Nani Nalu, a mecca for swimwear 50th & France. Now 16 years strong, Cermak’s company has become a haven known for its chic swimwear solutions, even if its customers never dip their toes in water.

The innovator was discouraged by the lack of local selection despite knowing that options were readily available on the coasts. “There was nothing for women who don’t have the perfect body to wear the junior suits but are fashion forward and don’t want to wear the old lady suit,” says Cermak, who was determined to offer a better product and change our mental way of approaching shopping.

As the wedding dress mantra “Say yes to the dress” grew in popularity, Cermak had a light bulb moment to offer the same approach to style and service for swimwear. She realized that customers couldn’t see support solutions just by looking at a suit – they needed to be guided and pushed to try it on and see it on the body. “There was an education gap – women can’t just walk into the store and find out what works for them, so we changed that,” she says.

Prior to each appointment at Nani Nalu, clients are given the opportunity to complete a comprehensive questionnaire addressing their concerns, personal style and lifestyle preferences to inform pre-extraction options and create a personal experience. fitting more personalized.

On average, Minnesota customers drive an hour and a half to shop the dynamic assortment of brands from around the world. Some even come from all over the country. Others opt for its Stitch Fix-like home shopping service, Suitcase.

“The media is certainly doing a good job of being more inclusive when it comes to race, age, gender and height, but we’re still our toughest critics and seem to be accepting of everyone but ourselves,” says Cermak. “That’s where we come in – swimwear shouldn’t be dreaded, awful, or make you cry or make you feel worse about your body. It should be fun, like scoring a dress or a pair of shoes that kill.

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June 7, 2022



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