New Beachwear Skins Set To Come To Marvel’s Avengers


They also feel the heat wave.

The new summer and beach clothes available in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is getting a new update (yes, the game is still being played by some) and will consist of new swimsuit skins, because why not? The game has struggled to build much traction, to be honest, and the number of people playing the game is slowly dwindling.

These new beachwear skins are just a quirky little inclusion to generate some in-game humor, and the collection of items will include summer designs for Thor, Black Widow, and Tony Stark. The wardrobe was discovered in a new trove of game data by a reliable leaker called Miller.

These new skins have yet to be officially announced by Square Enix, and just because they’re in the game files doesn’t mean they’ll be released. Although it would be a real shame if that were the case.

On these skins anyway because they are fabulous. The first is Thor, who wears a very nice pair of extremely tight blue short shorts (with an emphasis on the short bit) and matching blue shades.

The second character to get a makeover is Natasha, who can be seen wearing some kind of combat swimsuit, with an extra case of course.

And finally, the last character to get this new costume is Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Dressed in a very charming and slightly awkward shiny gold shirt and shorts – he doesn’t show as much skin as the others anyway.

The purpose of this racy change of clothes is to add more interest to the game because horny Marvel fans are going to love it, we’re sure. This is the first time Square Enix has done something like this, as last year the company gave Captain America a topless look for some reason. Special powers maybe? Let’s just say the shield was held up by something.



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