McDonald’s Sinks Its Toes Into Swimwear With The Budgy Smuggler Line


Dr Mumbo is extremely grateful to Maccas for encouraging people to keep their “parakeets” a secret this summer.

Because nothing cries out “I need to go swimming right away!” More than when you have a hamburger in your hand.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when people who aren’t Dr Mumbo brave the downpours of La Niña (you get wet anyway, that makes sense), mask themselves and head for the beach in their favorite fast food swimsuits.

You see, McDonald’s Australia has teamed up with swimwear brand Budgy Smuggler to launch a new line of ‘limited edition’ swimwear.


And Dr Mumbo wonders if the line is as fashionable as our illustrious history of Olympic uniforms.

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The merch is available from Saturday, January 8 and features three prints inspired by the famous McDonald’s burgers and fries.

Dr Mumbo wonders how one could store his burgers and fries in such a skinny hammock, but it’s apropos.

The collection includes the traditional Australian-made male ‘Smugglers’ – and women don’t have to feel left out, with one-piece and two-piece ‘Smugglettes’, as well as bucket hat designs.

This is all terribly appealing, not least thanks to the models used in advertising. Dr Mumbo hopes the line encourages wearers to show off their healthy lifestyles as well.

McDonald’s Australia Senior Brand Manager Liz Whitbread said the limited edition Budgy Smuggler line will be available starting at just $ 55 exclusively at Budgy Smuggler stores and online while supplies last.

And this is where Dr Mumbo thinks it might be a tough sell for many Macca customers, who may be hoping to haggle over the price of a Happy Meal or buy off the menu with a coupon.

Whitbread commented: “Whether it’s lounging on one of Australia’s iconic beaches or diving in and out of the pool, this summer is all about doing the things we love with the people we love. .

“The limited edition line of swimwear is bold, fun and eye-catching, perfect for enjoying the summer season in style. “

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This is not the first time that Dr Mumbo has seen this type of promotion.

Other companies such as fast food chain Subway and Australian beer company Victoria Bitter (VB) have also made the jump into the commodity market in previous years.

Last year, Subway wowed fans with the launch of its exclusive line of swimwear, showing off its prints of six-inch and one-foot-long submarines. Dr Mumbo thinks the sandwich shop missed a beat there.

And, if you had a hard-earned thirst for beer, VB released a swimwear collection in November 2020 that included men’s briefs – parakeet couriers and women’s one-piece swimmers.

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Dr Mumbo thinks that if you’re going to swim for something, it might as well be your favorite brand.

So this summer, don’t wear your art on your sleeve, wear it on your swimmers.

But please… wear sunscreen.


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