I am a swimwear designer, here are my 6 secrets for swimming online


When it comes to buying swimwear online, there is no doubt that it can be a tricky process. It’s hard to see the quality of the fabric, the intricate details, how easily it is adjustable, the coverage it offers, and the shapes and fits that suit your body without seeing, feeling or trying on them. Fortunately, most retailers and brands will offer free returns, but to avoid having to order a billion swimsuits to find the perfect one, we recommend that you take some expert advice. This week, we brought in Swimwear Owner and Designer Brittany Kozerski Freeney of JADE Swim to share her expertise on what to think and watch for when investing in a swimsuit. From finding versatile silhouettes to paying special attention to specific fabrics, read on to uncover Freeney’s six secrets to online shopping and take a look at some of her favorite JADE swimwear that will last you a lifetime. a life.

1. Versatility

“Invest in swimwear that can make the transition beyond the beach. That is why all JADE swimwear can be worn as a swimsuit of course, but also as a bodysuit and as layering pieces mixed and matched with shorts, jeans, skirts etc. Bikini tops have also been popular to layer under tops, blazers, jackets, etc. When you buy a JADE swimsuit, you are really investing in a piece that can meet all of your wardrobe needs. “


Jade swim Nova High Neck Swimsuit ($ 220)

Jade swim All Around Bandeau Bikini Top ($ 80)

Jade swim Micro One Piece Trophy ($ 220)

Jade swim Evolve One-Shoulder Ribbed Swimsuit ($ 220)

Jade swim Scoop Neck Ribbed Bikini Top with Rounded Edges ($ 90)

Shop the matching Ribbed Ribbed High Waist Bikini Briefs ($ 90).

Jade swim Nova bikini top ($ 120)

Shop the matching Nova Bikini Top ($ 120).

Jade swim Yara Ruched Strapless Swimsuit ($ 206)

2. Quality

“When buying a new swimsuit, pay attention to the composition and workmanship of the wetsuits. Every wetsuit we make is lined on the inside with the same level of fabric quality as on the outside, which allows the suits to be one We also try to use as many fabrics with advantages as possible, such as technical performance advantages including shape retention technology, UV protection and resistance to chlorine, lotions and oils. This will ensure longer lasting swimwear that you will enjoy season after season. “


Jade swim All in one piece ($ 198)

Jade swim Halo One Shoulder Bikini Top ($ 90)

Jade swim One Piece Terry Outline ($ 198)

3. Durability

“Look for sustainable swimming options and buy brands that are committed to doing their part to protect the environment. Look for fabric wetsuits from recycled materials. At JADE Swim, most of our wetsuits are made from ECONYL® and Eco-Yarn fabrics which are made from recycled and reclaimed materials. This reduces waste from oceans and landfills by recycling items such as fishing nets, plastic bottles and fabric scraps. , we only use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics guaranteeing that the fabric does not contain or release harmful substances which may be hazardous to health. “


Jade swim Nova Halterneck Bikini Top ($ 120)

Jade swim Apex One Shoulder Bikini Top ($ 90)

Shop the matching Lure Low Rise Bikini Brief ($ 90).

Jade swim Sena One Shoulder Swimsuit ($ 220)

4. Invest in some classics

“Everyone should have a well-fitting and timeless piece, like our One Piece Contour or Trophy Piece. Both have a clean cut, minimal silhouettes and are perfect examples of the ability to swim from day to night.”


Jade swim Contour Scoop-Back Swimsuit ($ 198)

Jade swim Scoop-back Trophy Swimsuit ($ 198)

5. Highlight the parts of your body that you love

“We have a lot of jumpsuits that draw attention to certain parts of the body, be it with cutouts, straps, etc. For example, if you like the look of your back, go for something with an open back. like our Evolve or Nova One Piece jumpsuit. Maybe you want to show off your shoulders, try the Halo Top or the Apex Top. “


Jade swim Evolve One Shoulder Swimsuit ($ 198)

Jade swim Apex One Shoulder Bikini Top ($ 90)

Shop the matching Bound High-Rise Bikini Briefs ($ 90).

Jade swim Halo Top ($ 120)

Jade swim Nova High Neck Swimsuit ($ 220)

6. Find your perfect costume and stick with what works for you

“If you find a costume you like, there is nothing wrong with buying the same costume in multiple colors. Know what works for you and stick with what makes you feel good. These pieces will basically be your basics. swimwear you’ll have in your wardrobe ready for a short-term vacation, rather than rushing to shop for costumes at the last minute. We offer each silhouette in a variety of color options each season (more black, white and nude all year round) so you can always come back to our site and grab your favorite costume in a new color every season. “


Jade swim One Piece Terry Cava ($ 220)

Jade swim Ava Strapless Ruched Bandeau Bikini Top ($ 90)

Shop the Most Wanted Low Rise Bikini Briefs ($ 90).

Jade swim Contour Scoop-Back Ribbed Swimsuit ($ 198)

Jade swim Via triangle bikini top ($ 75)

Shop the matching Tie Side Bikini Briefs ($ 90).

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