How to style swimsuits as clothes 2022


To take full advantage of each item we buy, it is worth exploring all of its potential functions. To the untrained eye, a swimsuit is just a swimsuit. But for those hungry for new methods of sartorial experimentation, a swimsuit can also be a top, bodysuit, or layering piece. Our research has proven that we were not the first to think so. Stylish people everywhere are reinventing bikini wear in ways that are both intriguing and surprisingly practical: Leave the beach and you’re already dressed for dinner. Below, we’ve rounded up three ways to style your swimsuit if you’re ready to blur the lines between swimwear and ready-to-wear.

Bikini top + flared skirt + embellished belt

Photo (R): Courtesy of @barbarasantiago.r

Designers call anything a crop top these days, so why not make a bikini all in one? To counter the revealing aspect of the triangle shape, opt for a fuller skirt in a summery material such as linen or a light silk.

Reverse Swimsuit + Trendy Top + Green Pants

Photo (R): Courtesy of @isthefate

If you’re not ready to show it all in a bikini top, use it as a layering piece instead, perhaps under a shimmering gold top as a model. Destiny Joseph done here. Counter the sparkle of the top with pants in a more muted hue and a wider silhouette.

One-piece backless + wide pants + soft hat

Photo (R): Courtesy of @olivialopez

The difference between a bodysuit and a one-piece is in the eye of the beholder – and a bit to do with the fabric, but who really knows but you? For a more sophisticated approach to dressing up your swimsuit, try a backless one-piece with flowy wide-leg pants. Add a wide-brimmed hat to accentuate the sophisticated vibe.


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