How to care for your swimwear


The the island of love the contestants may all be gorgeous, but the show’s presenter, Laura Whitmore, recently revealed that the villa stinks (that’s what happens when you lock a bunch of near-teens together, we guess?) in addition to ‘may be less than tedious to wash, we can’t imagine the the island of loveHolidaymakers spend a lot of time standing around villa sinks rinsing chlorine off their cossies after a swim – but that’s exactly how swimwear should be properly cared for, according to an expert.


Lois Siciliano, clothing technologist at a swimwear retailer For mesays “Shopping for swimwear can be tricky, so when you’ve found your dream bikini or one-piece, you’ll want it to look good for as long as you can.”

She’s shared her top tips for caring for swimsuits to increase their longevity – and some of them might surprise you (we’ve always thought that hanging a swimsuit out in direct sunlight would be the best way to dry it, for example !) .

Lois recommends:

  • Hand wash if you can, especially if they are underwired
  • Follow the rule of thumb: keep them away from fabric softener as it can break down the spandex in the fabric, which can lead to permanent damage.
  • Rinse swimwear thoroughly in lukewarm water immediately after use
  • DO hand wash with hand wash detergent as soon as possible
  • DRY in shade to prevent color fading
  • lay it out on a clean towel to dry it, as this will mean less stretching
  • DO NOT put swimwear in plastic bag when wet
  • DO NOT allow swimwear to remain damp after use as chemicals such as chlorine can begin to break down spandex or even cause fabric discoloration.

Sure, sometimes convenience comes first, but it’s worth knowing that prolonged exposure to chlorine or the sun – in addition to being left in a damp plastic bag for hours – isn’t ideal for your bikinis and most popular swimwear.

We’re going to change our habits this summer for sure!

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