Georgie Clarke posts what she really looks like in beachwear


Social media star Georgie Clarke is known for her body-positive posts.

And the influencer, who has 697,000 Instagram followers, shared another one this week that went viral.

The brunette beauty has shared a “deleted photo” with fans to show what she really looks like in beachwear.

Georgie was seen relaxing in a purple knit blanket as she posed sideways in the garment.

The position allowed fans to see that her stomach wasn’t totally flat and it also meant that her skin dimples were visible.

The beauty compared it to a posed shot, where her cleavage looked perky and her belly was svelte.

Captioning the post, Georgie wrote: “Published vs. Deleted.

The influencer compared posed and non-posed snaps

“Do you ever get discouraged from buying beachwear because you know you won’t look the same as the Instagram model wearing it?

“Well guess what…the model doesn’t even look like that in real life.”

Explaining things, she added: “It’s a clever pose, an adjusted angle, strategic lighting, a tense body that was later enhanced and touched up…this isn’t real life ladies, stop kidding. compare!

“Everything we’ve been taught and conditioned to hate about ourselves is actually completely normal! Cellulite, dimples, scars, stretch marks…rolls…you name it, everyone has these things !

Influencer Georgie Clarke poses in a white bikini
Georgie is known for her body positive posts

“We just don’t see it on Instagram because influencers and celebrities are under constant pressure to edit these normal things to protect themselves from nasty comments from trolls and I find it’s especially prevalent in the media where articles on celebrity gossip always portray normal bodies and skin as a negative thing.

“It’s a constant cycle where we’re told we should feel negative about our bodies when in reality we’re all normal.

“So stop comparing yourself, buy the bikini and rock it I say! You deserve to feel good about yourself.”

Fans loved the post, with over 12,000 likes.

One said: “I love posts like this and it’s thanks to people like you that I now shop online differently and always see how clothes and designs are manipulated to look a certain way.”

While another added: “We need more content like this on the ‘Gram. You’re gorgeous – thank you.”

A third also added: “You look beautiful. Full. Stop.”

The post comes after Georgie revealed a hack that models are using to achieve “flattering” images when sitting down earlier this month.

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