Discover the best looks from the 2021 Dior Beachwear men’s capsule


Designed by Kim Jones, Dior’s Beachwear 2021 capsule collection for men is fun, vibrant and bursting with energy. Forget the subtle, because the beaches call for a dazzling azure and vivid memories.

Dior’s Beachwear 2021 Men’s Capsule

Inspired by the dialogue with American artist Kenny Scharf during a discussion for their fall 2021 collaboration, the Dior beachwear 2021 capsule collection for men is a true ode to the summer festivities. Combining vintage elements with sportswear, fashion and casual wear, Kim Jones’ capsule wardrobe echoes the retro feelings of 1960s and 1970s fashion.

Dior’s 2021 beachwear men’s capsule undoubtedly reflects the passion and character of American artists, with aquatic-inspired ensembles in pop colors – breezy silk shirts, swimwear and bandanas with prints that allude to the iconic Scharf Viva Mare Viva Mar The painting.

Then there are the retro basics of polo shirts and t-shirts with bathrobes. Not the simple and boring ones, of course. Summer and the beaches call for oblique Dior patterns and tone-on-tone prints, as well as a play of materials and transparency. Even the most modern casual clothes like blue and white tracksuits are reinvented with a rubber Dior logo.

Although free and fun, the collection remains refined. Iconic leather pieces, including the saddle pouch and boat bags with the house’s oblique jacquard, make great beach accessories, especially when paired with Dior Paradise espadrilles. Swap that out with Atlas sandals or wear the steel bottle with leather and nylon slung, and summer beach fun is now within reach.

Discover the flagship looks of Dior’s 2021 men’s beachwear capsule collection:

(All images: Dior)


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