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You can find their stores from the North Carolina coast to the Isle of Palms near Charleston, but did you know that Eagles Beachwear was born right here in Myrtle Beach?

“Mom and Dad came to Myrtle Beach in 1981,” their daughter, Sydney Shilo, explained. “They were looking for a place where they could work during the summer and then travel together in the off season.”

Ironically, Sam Lauren and his wife Kathryn Glynn didn’t originally plan to open a beachwear store. In fact, their first attempt was called Eagles Beef and Beer.

“They opened in a two-story building that had a few t-shirts and hats on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor,” said their son Daniel Lauren, now the company’s chief executive.

In the end, the beachwear side of the business proved very profitable, and the Philadelphia couple, now residents of Myrtle Beach, began developing their beachwear products.

Today, Eagles Beachwear and its sister store, Bargain Beachwear, have become synonymous with South Carolina and North Carolina beaches.

Lauren said Eagles Beachwear has 16 locations. Recently, the company opened surfer resort stores in Isle of Palms and Litchfield Beach called Pipeline.

During the summer months, the company employs between 350 and 500 people.

Lauren and Shilo attribute the initial success of the business to the hard work of their parents.

“My father and my mother both have strong business acumen. Both had high work ethics and were very committed to their business,” Shilo said.

In the early years, the beachwear company purchased beach necessities, but over the years Eagles has expanded its offerings by focusing on the highest quality products available.

“Vacationers like to take something home as a gift and that’s why we make sure most items in the store are Myrtle Beach,” Lauren said. Stores in other coastal cities served by Eagles also offer custom products.


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