Cool swimwear for kids: Seaesta Surf


It’s summer. It’s hot and sweaty and we all know that kids get dirty and smelly. One swimsuit for the season won’t be enough, so I’m always on the lookout for good ones. Washing well and drying quickly are essential, but what caught my attention Seaesta Surf is their limited edition collection featuring Snoopy. I am obsessed with Snoopy. Baccarat Crystal Snoopy on my obsessed desk. And Seaesta Surf does Snoopy justice. What lovely finds!

Besides Snoopy, Seaesta Surf has collaborations with L*Space, Surfy Birdy, Denisse Wolf and more. The brand uses durable fabrics and overall has a rather unique and eye-catching retro vibe. Most of the pieces are thin (they run about one size small) so it’s better to take a larger size.

Besides organic fabrics, they use a ton of recycled fabrics, none of which compromise style or wear. The suits actually wash well (I even managed to remove stubborn banana and strawberry stains) and they’re all eye-catching (not just the neon…although it’s another favourite), which is so important when we’re dealing with kids and water.

I also like it even though the brand is sold at high profile retailers like Maisonette and Nordstrom, it’s still a small brand that stands out without being “too vulgar”. You’re not going to see 10 other kiddos at the next pool party looking the same, but you’ll probably have lots of complements and questions about where you shopped (especially with the retro swim shorts!)


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