5 eco-friendly beachwear brands to rock this summer


Imagine yourself sitting next to the beach during the summer, tan lines on your summer body with perfect beach clothes.

However, most beachwear is of “synthetic fabrics” – nylon, polyester and spandex that absorb sweat and stretch all over the body to prevent chafing in the water. The fashion industry relies on them because they are cheap and flexible for any body type. Maybe that’s why”65 million tons of plastic » hang around every year.

Plastic has long been a huge problem. It is not biodegradable and most of it ends up in the ocean and landfills, which essentially destroy biodiversity.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’re trying to stop you from enjoying daylight during the summer. There is another option that is not only accessible, but also gives back to the environment.

So wherever you go to spend your time sipping pink lemonade in the sun, it’s more than a good time to buy your “sustainable beachwear.”

Here are our five fun and chic beachwear brands that will make you feel good this summer!

Image credit: Anekdot Boutique

1. Anekdot Shop

Nova + Nova High

Anekdot Store is a recycled beachwear brand. Responsibly made in Berlin, the brand aims to bring balance to our planet while creating a sensual touch in its carefully designed pieces. They create zero waste lingerie, swimwear, loungewear and accessories by reusing extraordinary materials. They believed there was no need to choose between high fashion and environmental responsibility. In addition, Anekdot also makes sure that you wear it comfortably so that it hugs your skin during this summer period.



CRUDE THE is a sustainable and innovative fashion brand that started with a love for a garment and a desire to make its wearer feel the same. This word is Respect for the young Tuscan brand CRU LE. Respect for the environment is a given, but respect for the people working on the project is also important.

The importance of quality and the “Made in Italy” label are both emphasized by the company. In addition, all raw materials used in the brand’s products come from sustainable sources such as recycled or recycled.



DETAILZ aims to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible by offering carbon neutral maritime transport. The brand itself wants to create something “beyond fashion” with a super affordable price. Detailz wants to show a future where quality and durability go hand in hand, from how the product is made to how it is used. Their studio is located in Rome and it runs entirely on solar energy!

Your summer won’t be complete with this sophisticated top!

4. Luxalpaga

BEATRIZ Luxalpaca is meant to spread a textile culture that dates back thousands of years and is rich in history and people.

Its roots are in Peru, where the Inca Empire began. When alpaca wool meets Italian design, a new experience is created that promotes sustainable fashion due to the many great qualities of wool. Alpaca wool, one of the largest sustainable fibers that resides in Peru and follows its own natural cycles, is used for clothing.

5. True North

T1201-01 LADIES BRA TOP - Available Colors

True North is a forward-thinking athleisure brand with a strong focus on sustainability. In addition to our specialty organic cotton, True North has made it a point to process recycled and eco-friendly functional fabrics.

It stands for functional clothing that is breathable and therefore ideal for sports and outdoor activities. However, it is so simple and so beautiful that it can be worn for everyday basics with a particularly peaceful conscience.

Get ready for summer with this True North Beachwear bra top, then you won’t regret it!

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