20 Best Maternity Swimwear and Postpartum Swimwear for 2022



If you’re pregnant for the first time (so happy for you!), there’s a lot to learn about all. Even shopping for maternity clothes is totally different from what you are used to. (FYI, these maternity leggings are a godsend.) But if you thought putting together a pregnancy outfit was hard, wait until you get to the swimwear section. As if finding a swimsuit that fits you perfectly wasn’t hard enough, add in the fact that your body is constantly changing and growing and your swimsuit needs to accommodate all of that too. Yeah, the challenge doesn’t even begin to cover it. But you know what? We love overcoming obstacles, so we’ve scoured all of the online swimwear racks to make the buying process as easy as possible for you.

What we’ve found are comfortable, functional swimsuits that provide just the right amount of coverage and support. And it goes without saying that they are super cute too. If you want to fast forward through the fitting room process full of heaps of rejects and get to the good part, browse through the 20 best maternity swimsuits we’ve picked for you below instead. From maternity-specific swimsuits to regular swimwear that might work just fine for a growing baby bump or postpartum body, here are the best swimsuits to wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond. of the.

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This one-piece suit tied on the front

One Piece Maternity Swimsuit

Nobody tells you how hard it is to reach the straps and ties of clothes when you’re nine months pregnant, so you’ll be happy to know that this wrap-around swimsuit with a plunging neckline ties and fastens easily Front.


This smocked swimsuit

Beach Bump™ Plus Size Smocked One-Piece Swimsuit UPF 50+

The key to finding a swimsuit that fluctuates with your changing body? Smocked fabric. This swimsuit has side gathers that allow the fabric to stretch without stretching.


This one-piece halter suit

Maternity Swimsuits V-Neck One Piece Maternity Swimsuits

Once you find a maternity outfit you love, you’ll want to wear it all the time. With a versatile style like this, you can get the look of multiple costumes in one. From deep V to keyhole, the neckline of this backless jumpsuit can be changed and tied to suit your vibe.


This drawstring swimsuit

Maternity Red Ribbed Tie Side One Piece Swimsuit

We’ve shared our love for ruched swimsuits before, but the only thing that can make them even better is a drawstring. Scrunch it up when you want a tighter fit or a higher cut, then let it out for a little more coverage and room to move.


This full-coverage two-piece

Exclusive Maternity Leopard Print High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Let’s face it: one-piece swimsuits are painful when you have to urinate, and when you’re pregnant, you have to urinate many. A two-piece with super high-rise bottoms gives you the same coverage and tummy support, but is much easier to pull off when you need it.


This String Bikini

Tiny Ties triangle bikini top

The classic string bikini may not offer the most coverage, but it is by far the most versatile. Adjustable from all sides and angles (key to a growing belly and changing body), you choose how much skin you want to show and how to style, tie and wear it.


This two-piece swimsuit

Maternity Isabella Stripe Bikini Top in Navy/White

With the same adjustability but a little more coverage and support than a string bikini, this two-piece halter ties at the neck and back to keep your breasts secure without completely covering them.


This lace-up one-piece

Maternity Swimwear V Neck One Piece Swimsuit

With gathered sides and adjustable ties (sensing a few themes here?), this swimsuit has all the flexibility you want in a bathing suit to take you from your first trimester to postpartum.


This Mix-and-Match Swimsuit

Maternity Exclusive Polka Dot High Waisted Bikini Bottom

If you wear completely different sizes top and bottom, buying separate swimsuits is a must. Wear these polka dot maternity stockings with the adorable matching cap sleeve top or mix it up with another top that suits her well.


This nursing swimsuit

Nora Nursing One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a postpartum maternity swimsuit that isn’t too revealing but allows you to feed the baby without stripping completely, this swimsuit is the answer. A concealed panel under the bust makes breastfeeding as easy as possible.


This wrap-around halter swimsuit

Oak swimsuit

While it’s not *technically* a maternity swimsuit, this wraparound one-piece with an adjustable halter top and full-coverage bottom is one you can wear long after your mom arrives. baby.


This stretchy bikini

Xandra Seersucker Bikini + NET SUSTAIN

With this swimsuit, you don’t have to choose between fashion and function. This stretchy fabric provides both support and comfort, two things you definitely want to look for in a maternity swimsuit.


This looser swimsuit top

Rosa Fuller Bust Bikini Top

If your upper half seems to be growing as fast as your belly, look for a swimsuit top designed for a fuller bust, like this one. Adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures give your girls all the support and security you could need while swimming.


This cut-out swimsuit

Women’s Sena One-Piece Swimsuit

If you can’t get used to the idea of ​​buying a maternity suit that you’ll only wear a few times at most, find a swimsuit that you won’t just wear. to want to wear again, but in fact can. The drawcord cutout in the side of this one-piece lets you tighten or loosen the waist to fit your body.


This strapless swimsuit

One Piece Maternity Swimsuit with Bow

Unlike other strapless one-pieces that constantly fall off, this one has a clasp back and removable, adjustable straps to make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.


These full hedge funds

Maternity bottoms

Some days you just don’t feel the cheeky thong swimsuit, you know what I mean? And on those days, opt for these super-comfy, full-coverage bottoms instead.


This smocked swimsuit

Two Piece Maternity High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit

The beauty of a smocked top (other than how it looks) is how it grows and shrinks with you, so it always fits perfectly. And since this one comes with gathered bottoms, you can count on this costume to see you through your pregnancy.


This printed swimsuit

Signature Polka Dot Cutout Maternity Swimsuit

Perhaps the only thing cuter than this polka dot print swimsuit would be if you were wearing it. Please.


This underwired swimsuit

Kuwa Underwire Bikini Top and Kuwa High Waist Bikini Bottom

When it comes to support, this jumpsuit ranks number one and is perfect for the postpartum phase. From an underwired top with super wide straps to a high waisted bottom, this swimsuit offers all the security without sacrificing style.


This cut-out swimsuit

Ruched Cutout One Piece Swimsuit in Black001

You’ve got your one-pieces and your two-pieces, and somewhere in between you’ve got this swimsuit that’s a bit of both. With cutouts in the back and front, this swimsuit offers plenty of room for a growing baby and a changing body.

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