10 Best Swimsuits and Bathing Suits for Your Menstrual Cycle



Getting your period is the fastest way to suck the relaxation out of your beach vacation, boat trip, weekend at the lake, or day at the pool. With no pockets on your suit (not that you can bring an extra tampon or towel in the water with you anyway) and few bathroom options available, it’s tempting to throw out the beach towel and reschedule. your plans for a week when mother nature doesn’t. It makes it totally awkward to be stuck in the middle of, well, nature. Obviously, it’s not fun when your cycle gets in sync with your exciting plans, but don’t let it ruin your trip! Be prepared for all your water activities with the right clothes so your time of the month doesn’t get in the way of your style (yes, that was a pun).

You know how period panties replace feminine hygiene projects, thanks to the super absorbent liner? What if I told you that the same concept exists, except for swimsuits? Yes, it’s true, and if you don’t want your period to keep you from going with the flow (another pun, sorry!) or if you’re looking for another sustainable fashion option, you have to try swimwear reusable. options below.

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The most environmentally friendly

Swimwear Recycled High Waisted Bikini Bottom

I know waterproof swimsuits sound too good to be true, but they’re not! This high waisted bikini briefs feature a chunky waistband to ensure your bottoms stay in place. Quick-drying liner can absorb up to two pads of blood (ideal for light to moderate days) or other bodily fluids and is made from recycled fabric.


The best high waisted bikini bottoms

High waisted waterproof bikini bottoms

This high-waisted bikini bottom claims to absorb three teaspoons of blood without any leaks or drips, but it’s still easy to wash in the washing machine. Here’s how it works: The gusset is made up of sheets of absorbent, liquid-resistant, moisture-wicking fabrics and an extra layer of waterproof material to make sure nothing seeps in while you’re swimming.


Best Classic Fit Bottoms

French Riviera Ruffled Vintage Swimsuit Set

No one would ever guess that this hot pink ruffled costume secretly does the job of three tampons! For double the protection, match the bottom with the brand’s double sided stamp.


Best one piece for water sports

Period Swim Sport One Piece

Scuba diving and serious swimming require a little more protection than lounging on a pool float. For sportier occasions, opt for this racerback one-piece swimsuit. It holds up to three tampons and also hides odors with antimicrobial technology that draws in sweat and neutralizes odors.


The best Brazilian bikini bottoms

Brazilian Briefs Recycled Swimwear

Just because your bottom is absorbent doesn’t mean you want it to look like you’re wearing a diaper. These cheeky cut Brazilian bottoms that hold up to two teaspoons offer the perfect balance of style and safety.


Best off the shoulder swimsuit

Hawaiian Mountain Cold Shoulder Vintage Swimsuits

Ruffled sleeves give this one-piece suit a light and airy look that matches the light and airy feel. Even though the gusset is super absorbent, it won’t swell or sag once you step into the water.


Best swimsuit with built-in bra

A classic waterproof piece

If you need swimsuits with top support and further down, check out this one-piece featuring a built-in wireless bra with adjustable straps and removable cups, plus built-in periodic protection of up to three teaspoons. Best of all, it comes in extended sizes (small to 3XL) to fit a wide range of cup sizes.


Most Adjustable Two-Piece Swimsuit

Classic Ruby Vintage Swimwear Tank Top Set

When you need protection but still want to look cute, try this two-piece that comes in a handful of colors (though red seems the most appropriate). These adjustable tie-up stockings are made with a dri-tech mesh liner that prevents leaks on all sides and leaves room for a pad if you need backup protection.


Best Full Coverage Swimsuit

Black Menstrual Leakproof Bikini Bottom

A wide vagina and heavy flow (IYKYK 😅) are no match for these full coverage stockings. Made with a 3.5 inch longer than usual gusset, this breathable bottom ensures nothing leaks out.


Best One-Shoulder One-Piece

One Shoulder Vintage Swimwear | Black Sea

This sleek swimsuit is so discreet that no one even has to know you’re on your period. And since it can hold up to three tampons, no one will ever know.

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